Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with premier occupational safety and industrial safety Product & services designed to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses, which promotes client Profitability

Our Vision

Workplace Safety, aspires to set the standard in occupational safety, industrial hygiene, and workplace risk management, To be a recognized leader promoting healthy and safe workplaces in GCC based on tripartism, participation and the development of an OSH risk prevention culture, to ensure a smart, sustainable, productive and inclusive economy.


Welcome to Zerah International, providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other industrial safety equipment to help you meet today’s high health and safety standards. As leading PPE suppliers we are proud to be able to offer the highest quality workplace safety equipment and PPE industrial supplies to various industries & Government sectors in Qatar.
Health, Safety and Environment is responsible for monitoring environmental conditions and correcting hazards as they are identified, as well as for assessing and placing individuals in environments they are capable of working without harm to themselves or others.
HSE is responsible for paying all workers, we are here to reduce their responsibility to provide them right PPE on right time , All of our products meet all international regulations and standards like ANSI,CE,EN etc..!
We are pleased to offer you PPE and other industrial safety equipment supplies from many of the leading manufacturers of industrial PPE, including Bluefox, Wolf,3M, Armer Dupont Tyek,Traffi Safe, Univet, Peltor, Wanco, and – to mention just a few.Our efficient and highly trained staffs are on hand to assist and ensure any customer technical queries are answered.